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Poway is located in northeast San Diego County, Poway is known as “The City in the Country” with over half the City 40 square mile area is preserved as open space. Poway has a population of 50,542 residents. The outstanding school district, as well as ranging in different housing options. With a thriving business park with over 19,000 jobs, and having a wide range of restaurant options, 25 well maintained parks, 50 events each year, and over 82 miles of trails. Poway is an excellent place to raise a family.

Poway Unified School District (PUSD) covers 100 square miles, and operates 22 elementary schools (K-5) six middle schools (6-8), four high schools (9-12) and one continuation school. Eleven schools are located in the City of Poway, including two high schools, 2 middle schools, and seven elements schools. Poway also offers adult schools, preschools, and before and after programs.

To keep busy, visit Lake Poway for fishing or taking a paddle boat out on the lake. Going on hikes at Blue Sky Ecological Reserve and learning about wildlife and plant life as you travel the trails brushing up on you photography, or enjoy the Farmers Market at Old Poway Park Every Saturday morning till 2:00pm, and be sure to check out the 100-year-old Baldwin Steam Locomotive while you are there. Enjoy swimming lap’s at the Poway Community Center, or working on your serve on the tennis courts, or enjoying a game of soccer on the grass fields.

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The City of Poway incorporated in December 1980 as a full-service, general law City and operates under the Council/Manager form of government. Poway, with a population of approximately 50,542 residents, is a unique community in San Diego County. Located in northeast San Diego County, Poway is known as “The City in the Country” and prides itself on the fact that over half of the City’s 39.4 square-mile area is preserved as dedicated open space. The community offers a diverse range of housing options, an outstanding school district, a thriving business park with over 19,000 jobs, a broad range of dining and shopping opportunities, beautiful parks, over 82 miles of trails, 50 community events each year, and more. Poway is a great place to live, work, and play!


Poway is located three miles east of Interstate 15, and just west of Highway 67. The San Diego International Airport is located 24 miles south of the City. Public transportation service is provided by the Metropolitan Transit System, including an intra-City route and several commuter routes. See Transit


Poway is served by the Poway Unified School District (PUSD). Encompassing 100 square miles, PUSD operates 22 elementary schools (K-5), six middle schools (6-8), four comprehensive high schools (9-12), and one continuation high school. Eleven schools are located in the City of Poway, including two high schools, two middle schools, and seven elementary schools. PUSD serves approximately 33,000 students and is the third largest school district in the County. PUSD also offers other educational programs, such as adult schools, preschools, and before and after-school programs.

North Inland San Diego County area is served by Palomar Community College, as well as numerous universities and colleges throughout the region.


Poway has a high standard of living and is characterized as an upper middle class community with a median family income of $78,000.

Housing Units

Within the City limits are 16,337 housing units. The City’s vacancy rate is approximately less than 2%. There is a broad continuum of housing options available, ranging from multi-family apartments to single-family homes on large rural parcels. 80% of the City’s housing units are single-family dwellings. The median sales price (for all recorded sales) in calendar year 2006 for a re-sale home in Poway was $658,000 according to DQ There are seven beautifully maintained, award-winning workforce housing complexes in Poway. See Affordable Housing.


Average high = 79o Average low = 49o Average annual rainfall = 9.6”

Getting Away

Poway offers residents proximity to the major metropolitan amenities offered by its neighbor San Diego, such as museums, theater, the World Famous San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and professional sporting events. Additionally, San Diego County is one of the most diverse counties in the country, with beaches, deserts, mountains, and more.


Poway is ranked the 6th best city in California to locate a business according to Outlook Magazine. Poway maintains its business excellence with a state-of-the- art Poway Business Park, a 700-acre complex, which encompasses the City’s main commercial area. As part of the South Poway Planned Community, the Business Park offers tenants high-quality infrastructure, numerous amenities, and plenty of open space in keeping with the City’s rural surroundings.

The project was specifically designed to meet the needs of light industrial and manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, and research and development businesses. Currently, over 462 businesses with more than 19,000 employees are located in the Business Park. There is a total of 7,798,651 square feet of buildings, with a low vacancy rate of 5.6%. Additional office space is currently under construction, including the 835,000 square foot Parkway Business Center Development, which is ideal for a master planned office/corporate headquarter location. The Poway Business Park is a mix of commercial and retail space and is headquarters to Geico Direct Insurance, Sysco Foods, First American Credco Corp., and Toppan Optical Products, Inc.


The name of the beautiful valley of Poway (Pauwai) is derived from the language of the Diegueno and Luiseno Indians who roamed the area for several hundred years before the Spaniards came. Traces of these Native Americans still remain.

Documents of Mission San Diego de Alcala record the name of the valley as “Paguay” as early as 1828. Although there is a disagreement on the meaning of “Paguay,” the generally accepted translation signifies “the meeting of little valleys” or “end of the valley.”

Philip Crosthwaite is believed to have been the first white settler in the Poway area. He built an adobe house and took up ranching in 1859.

A sufficient number of settlers had come into the valley by 1869 to warrant a post office. Castanos Paine, whose ranch was a way stop for stages from the

north and from San Diego, applied to Washington for an appointment as postmaster in 1870. The application stated that there were no post offices located between San Diego and San Bernardino at that time. The appointment was granted, but the Postmaster General crossed out the words “Paine’s Ranch” and substituted “Poway,” thus settling once and for all the spelling of the name.

The 1880’s saw a prosperous and well-populated valley. Families were settling on farms, planting orchards and vineyards, and raising grain. Dairying was profitable, as was beekeeping. By 1887, there were about 800 people in the Poway area.

By the early 1900’s, the hardiest of the settlers had managed to cope with drought and transportation problems. They had firmly established themselves in their chosen valley and had found a good and satisfying life. Poway became known for its exceptionally fine peaches and for its vineyards. Grain and alfalfa were other major products. At the close of the 19th century, fewer than 1,000 people were living in Poway.

The growth of the town did not really get underway until the late 1950’s, when Poway Valley Homes opened the first subdivision. In 1971, a dam was constructed, creating Lake Poway, to provide residents with a more permanent source of water.

In December 1980, Poway incorporated as a full-service, general law City, which operates under the Council/Manager form of government. Prior to that, Poway was an unincorporated area of San Diego. The City’s policy-making body, the City Council, is comprised of five members elected at large by the citizens of Poway to serve four overlapping terms. Annually, the City Council chooses one of its members to serve as Deputy Mayor, while the public directly elects the Mayor.

In the late 1980’s, development of the 700-acre Poway Business Park began in the southern area of the City. The Business Park is home to more than 400 businesses today and provides more than 16,000 jobs.

In October 2003, the Cedar Fire, the largest fire in the history of San Diego County, destroyed 54 homes and caused thousands to evacuate.

Quality of Life

The City of Poway is committed to the preservation of natural open spaces, which reflect our “City in the Country” motto. Poway is home to over 4,700 acres of open space, 82 miles of trails, 25 parks. Throughout the year, the City also provides numerous family-oriented events such as the Old Fashioned 4th of July, Train Song Festival, Christmas in the Park, and the Youth Fishing Derby. Well-known recreational amenities include: Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, Community Park, Goodan Ranch, Kumeyaay-Ipai Interpretive Center, Lake Poway, Old Poway Park, Poway Center for the Performing Arts, Poway Community Library


Cox Communications: 1 (800) 221-4188 /

Time Warner Cable: (858) 695-3220 /

San Diego Gas & Electric: 1-800-411-7343 /

EDCO Disposal: (858) 748-7769 /

Water: City of Poway 858-668-4401

Things To Do

  • Rediscover your love of history at the Heritage Museum and Nelson House in Old Poway Park
  • Transcend your worries while biking local trails at Lake Poway
  • Experience the thrill of skateboarding at a youth 14 and younger supervised skate session
  • Sharpen your photographic skills at beautiful Blue Sky Ecological Reserve
  • Enjoy a family picnic at a neighborhood park
  • Discover the thrill of riding a 100 year old Baldwin Steam Locomotive at Old Poway Park
  • Refresh yourself at a genuine Farmers Market at Old Poway Park
  • Master the perfect serve on the tennis courts at Community Park
  • Explore Poway’s amazing Native American history at the Kumeyaay-Ipai Interpretive Center
  • Re-visit your childhood by doing a cannon ball at the Poway Community Swim Center
  • Share laughter with your children on the Adventure Playground at Community Park
  • Recharge at Meadowbrook Gym during open play basketball
  • Reconnect with friends on a walk around Poway Community Park or Lake Poway
  • Renew your commitment to fitness at a water aerobics class held at the Swim Center*
  • Connect with early American history as you hike through the scenic trails of Goodan Ranch
  • Stomp out your worries while playing a family game of kick ball at Lake Poway
  • Learn about Poway’s wildlife and plant life during a docent led hike through Blue Sky
  • De-stress while relaxing in the shade at Lake Poway
  • Teach your child how to hit a home run at a neighborhood park softball field
  • Educate yourself at the many nature classes Blue Sky and Goodan Ranch have to offer
  • Develop team spirit during a game of volleyball at Twin Peaks Multipurpose Center


The following schools are located within Poway city limits and are operated by the Poway Unified School District.

Elementary Schools

Chaparral 17250 Tannin Drive / Poway, CA 92064-1123 (858) 485-0042

Garden Road 14614 Garden Road / Poway CA 92064-5299 (858) 748-0230

Midland 13910 Midland Road / Poway, CA 92064-4024 (858) 748-0047

Painted Rock 16711 Martincoit Road / Poway, CA 92064-1628 (858) 487-1180

Pomerado 12321 Ninth Street / Poway, CA 92064-3597 (858) 748-1320

Tierra Bonita 14678 Tierra Bonita Road / Poway, CA 92064-3090 (858) 748-8540

Valley 13000 Bowron Road / Poway, CA 92064-5799 (858) 748-2007

Middle Schools

Meadowbrook 12320 Meadowbrook Lane / Poway, CA 92064-3599 Phone: (858) 748-0802 / Fax: (858) 679-0149

Oak Valley 16055 Winecreek Road / San Diego, CA 92127-3719 Phone: (858) 487-2939 / Fax: (858) 457-0991

Twin Peaks 14640 Tierra Bonita Road / Poway, Ca 92064-3091 Phone: (858) 748-5131 / Fax: (858) 679-6823

High Schools

Abraxas 12450 Glen Oak Road / Poway, CA 92064-3299 Phone: (858) 748-5900 / Fax: (858) 679-1739

Poway High 15500 Espola Road / Poway, CA 92064-2299 Phone: (858) 748-0245 / Fax: (858)679-6879