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Carmel Mountain Ranch

Carmel Mountain RanchCarmel Mountain Ranch is located in the North-East part of San Diego, which sits west of Poway and south of Rancho Bernardo, east of Rancho Peñasquitos, and north of Sabre Springs. Carmel Mountain Ranch, or short for CMR.

The lush green area, with 2 golf courses and streets lines with full trees is your ideal suburban style community, with a top scoring school district and plenty of retail shops and restaurants.

About 12,000 residents populate Carmel Mountain Ranch, with 30 percent of the population under age 18, makes for family values and activities. Nearby are several business parks that draw many jobs from local and regional commuters. I-15 runs through Carmel Mountain Ranch with most of the community landing on the east side of the freeway. This makes for easy access to north and south parts of San Diego.

Public recreation centers come with indoor and outdoor basketball courts, softball fields, and areas for picnics and relaxing. If you like to golf, Carmel Mountain Ranch offers two beautiful golf courses located on either side of the I-15. One course being the top-rated Carmel Mountain Ranch Golf Club, located east of I-15 at the Double Tree Golf Resort. Another local course is the Carmel Mountain Country Club just west of I-15.

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Carmel Mountain Ranch

Tree-lined streets, pastel-colored houses, miles of big-name shopping—Carmel Mountain is the ideal ‘burbs setting for a Tim Burton film—and for young families. Set the stage for your own stories here and benefit from a top-scoring school district, the bustling Carmel Mountain Plaza in the center of town and a cornucopia of housing options including apartments, condos, single-family homes and gated communities.

Of course, San Diego rarely lacks for green space, and Carmel Mountain is no exception. A public recreation center gives the hard-working kiddies a break with numerous sports courts and fields, and the adults even get two gorgeous golf courses on both sides of the 15.

Best of all, this area’s location makes getting around easy. So you’re free to pursue adventures, returning home happily ever after, no problem.

Carmel Mountain Ranch is a community in the northeastern part of the city of San Diego, California. Carmel Mountain Ranch is located west of Poway, south of the Rancho Bernardo, east of Rancho Penasquitos, and north of Sabre Springs. Carmel Mountain Ranch is commonly known as CMR.

The community features a large shopping center, Carmel Mountain Plaza , which features several dozen retailers.

Carmel Mountain Ranch also features a business park which includes several notable businesses such as Carvin and Beyond Bikes.

About 12,000 residents inhabit Carmel Mountain and another 7,500 make up Sabre Springs. Thirty percent of the population is under the age of 18, emphasizing family values and activities. Both Carmel Mountain schools and Sabre Springs schools are within the Poway school district, which ranks highest in San Diego County. A library and community center serve both communities.

The area is close to nearby communities that have built several business parks and manufacturing parks, that draw many jobs from local and regional commuters. Traveling to La Jolla or Downtown San Diego is a tough drive during rush hour. Miramar Marine Base is also close by, employing thousands. Centralized shopping areas offer two large bookstores, warehouse stores, department stores, an exercise club, and a movie theatre, mixed in with many restaurants to choose from. A large regional park with trails lines the southern border. Two golf courses straddle Interstate 15, running through the area.


Carmel Mountain Ranch is one of the more recently developed areas in San Diego County. The area lies between what used to be Rancho de Los Peñasquitos and Rancho San Bernardo.

The land was part of a Mexican land grant dating back to the 1820s. The ranches passed hands over several times over the generations, and have left significant imprints in San Diego’s history.

Type of Housing

Residents of Carmel Mountain Ranch enjoy a number of housing options. The area offers apartments, condominiums, and single-family homes for the middle- to upper-class.

Single detached homes make up over half of the housing in the area, with several gated communities spread throughout Carmel Mountain Ranch.

Over 5,300 single homes, apartments, and condominiums exist in the community. The hills and mesas offer beautiful views of San Diego


Interstate 15 runs directly through Carmel Mountain Ranch with the majority of the community falling on the east side of the freeway. This allows easy access to both the northern and southern parts of San Diego County.

State Highway 56 bisects the community from east to west, providing convenient trips to the San Diego coastline. Bus routes run throughout the area, as well as Park-and-Ride systems.


The Carmel Mountain Ranch / Sabre Springs Public Recreation Center comes equipped with indoor and outdoor basketball courts, softball fields, and areas for relaxing picnics.

The community also has two beautiful golf courses located on both sides of I- 15. One of the courses is the top-rated Carmel Mountain Ranch Golf Club, located at the Double Tree Golf Resort. Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club is the other local course, directly west of I-15. This country club provides opportunities to socialize and enjoy a club that does it right.

Youngsters have the opportunity to participate in Little League, softball, basketball, and soccer.

Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club

14050 Carmel Ridge Road San Diego, CA 92128 (858) 487-9224 / Golf Facilities: Championship 18-hole golf course, elegant 20,000 square foot clubhouse, golf club rentals, large practice putting green and short game area, men’s and ladies locker rooms, lessons, PGA professional staff


Poway Unified School District

15250 Avenue of Science / San Diego, CA 92128 (858) 521-2800 /

Elementary Schools

Highland Ranch 14840 Waverly Downs Ways / San Diego, CA 92128-3702 (858) 674-4707

Shoal Creek 11775 Shoal Creek Drive / San Diego, CA 92128-4573 (858) 613-9080

Middle Schools

Black Mountain 9353 Oviedo Street / San Diego, CA 92129-2198 Phone: (858) 484-1300 / Fax: (858) 538-9440

Meadowbrook 12320 Meadowbrook Lane / Poway, CA 92064-3599 Phone: (858) 748-0802 / Fax: (858) 679-0149

High Schools

Mt. Carmel 9550 Carmel Mountain Road / San Diego, CA 92129-2799 Phone: (858) 484-1180 / Fax: (858) 538-5496

Poway High 15500 Espola Road / Poway, CA 92064-2299 Phone: (858) 748-0245 / Fax: (858)679-6879

Rancho Bernardo 13010 Paseo Lucido / San Diego, CA 92128-4499 Phone: (858) 485-4800 / Fax: (858) 485-4822