Clear out the clutter, and get your house sold!

When a buyer enters your home, they want to imagine themselves living in it and how they would layout the furniture and decor.  They can not do that if your closets are overflowing with clothes, or your bathroom counter tops are cluttered with makeup and toothbrushes. Clear out the clutter, and get your house sold!

While living in a cluttered home, you might not see the untidiness.  What you see is the memories of travels, or thing-a-ma gigs you have held on to forever from your loved ones; but the buyer, they can see it all.  This so-called clutter is unsettling to the prospective buyers and that puts you at a disadvantage immediately, and in a market where there are more homes than buyers, you need all the advantage you can get.

A good way to start is to think about renting some storage space and clearing out the items that give your house the cluttered feel.  Make the house feel more airy and this will give the buyers a vision of moving in their own belongings.

A quick way to get started on the de-cluttering project is to make piles of things you are going to throw away, save or donate.  Being to clingy to your items will make it more difficult to let them go, so be stern.  There’s money at risk, especially if you need to sell your house fast.

Having a garage sale or selling items online via eBay or Craigslist could also help, but the easiest way is to just let things go and get in touch with a local charity to pick up your items you don’t need anymore.

Areas to pay attention to as you de-clutter your home.

  • Keeping Furniture at a minimum in your common areas so that your rooms appear bigger.
  • Reducing the clothes in your closets to 1/3, this will be more pleasing to the eyes.
  • Large equipment needs to be moved out, any exercise equipment, guitars, amps, or drum sets.
  • Any personal photos need to be taken down.  You want to let the buyer imagine having their own photos on the shelves, tables, and walls.
  • Remove any old books, magazines, or newspapers, and remember to recycle.
  • Any electronic equipment, such as televisions, computers, or printers need to have good cable management,  this will reduce the showing of wires so it does not look so messy.
  • Removing everything from your kitchen countertops, keeping it to the basics, having a nice fresh bowl of fruit, or toaster are ok.  Don’t forget to clear your refrigerator of any magnets full of coupons or your child’s artwork.
  • keeping your pantry and cabinets arranged, and have everything pointing in the same direction so that it keeps and nice organized look.
  • Arrange your bookshelves so that they are nice and neat, and maybe add a few items to decorate, like a globe, vase, or piece of art.
  • Keep your nightstand clear, usually just a lamp or clock will do.
  • Be sure to trim your plants so they are looking healthy, and remove any that are not.
  • Keep your beds made, floors clean of clothing, shoes, or toys.
  • Bathrooms need to have fresh soap, towels, and keep the mirror and shower glass clean.  Hide any hair or makeup products, along with toothbrushes, or razors, especially while your house has a showing.


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